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The Winners 2005

The Winners 2005
The Winners 2005 (from left to right):
Tae-Joong YANG (3rd prize opera),
Adriana KUCEROVÁ (1st prize opera & Kammeroper Prize),
Janja VULETIC (2nd prize opera & 1st prize operetta),
Elena SEMENOVA (3rd prize opera & media-jury award)
  2nd Prize Operetta
2nd Prize Operetta:
Kinga DOBAY,


1st   prize opera: Adriana KUCEROVÁ, Slovakia  (soprano)
2nd  prize opera: Janja VULETIC, Croatia (mezzo-soprano)
3rd  prize opera (shared):  Elena SEMENOVA, Russia (soprano)
Tae-Joong YANG, South-Korea (baritone)

1st  prize operetta: Janja VULETIC, Croatia (mezzo-soprano)
2nd  prize operetta (shared): Kinga DOBAY, Germany (mezzo-soprano)
Marianne GESSWAGNER, Austria (soprano)
3rd  prize operetta
: is not awarded

Kammeroper Prize: Adriana KUCEROVÁ, Slovakia (soprano)

International media-jury award (prize of the International Media-Jury): Elena SEMENOVA, Russia (soprano)



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How the Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition Became the Biggest Singers' Stock Exchange in the World

JuryFrom the very beginning of his artistic career, Hans Gabor, the founder and long-term manager of the Wiener Kammeroper, was engaged in discovering and promoting young talented singers. Quite some singer who was to become a star of the operatic stage later tread the boards for the first time under its guidance.

These efforts were channelled into the successful concept of a very special singing competition: instead of academic vocal instructors, those who are in practice responsible for the engagement of singers were to assess the talents and maturity of singers - opera and festival managers, music promoters and representatives of the media industry. Artists' agencies were given observer status.

That was the background against which the 1st Belvedere Competition took place in Vienna.

The idea of a trustworthy "singers' stock exchange" without a strictly academic orientation quickly gained popularity. Applications started to come in from around the world. Very soon the number of participants had to be restricted so as not to overtax the jury. In 1992 the decision was made to organise preliminary rounds all over the world. The first qualifying rounds were held in 13 cities, and by now that number has risen to more than 50. The winners of these qualifying heats then enter the finals in Vienna.

JuryIn organisational terms, all of this would not be possible without the assistance of many opera houses and cultural institutions as well as the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Thanks to their support, the Belvedere Competition has been able to develop into the biggest singers' stock exchange, the "Wall Street of Voices".

As early as in 1988, the competition – up until then reserved to the operatic repertory – was extended, also to encompass operetta. In 2000 the accompanists' competition was added.

An ever increasing number of institutions have donated special prizes, be it in cash or in kind, or in the form of engagements. These include the opera houses of Barcelona, Milan, New York, Paris, Oslo and Rome as well as the Operetta Festival of Moerbisch. Apart from the main prizes, the much vied-for prize of the audience can be won; it is awarded by the audience of the public final concert in Vienna's city hall.

The traditional ending of the competition is a gala concert of the finalists at the Stadttheater of Baden. For an interested public, these two concerts are opportunities to encounter tomorrow's stars for the first time.

Since 1995 the name of Hans Gabor was added to the original name "Belvedere Competition" - after all, his work is inseparably linked with the contest.





Adriana Kucerová
Adriana Kucerová (2005)

Burak Bilgili
Burak Bilgili (2002)

Marina Mescheriakowa
Marina Mescheriakowa (1995)

Detlev Roth
Detlev Roth (1992)

Angela Gheorghiu
Angela Gheorghiu (1990)

Egils Silins
Egils Silins (1989)

Peter Edelmann
Peter Edelmann (1989)

Maria Bayo
Maria Bayo (1988)


Prize Winners Opera

Year First Prize Second Prize Thrid Prize
2005 Adriana Kucerová
(Soprano, Slovakia)
Janja Vucetic
(Mezzo-Soprano, Croatia)
Elena Semenova
(Soprano, Russia)

Tae-Joong Yang
(Baritone, South-Korea)
2004 Ilya Kuzmin
(Baritone, Russia)
Mihaela Komocar
(Soprano, Slovenia)
Marita Solberg
(Soprano, Norway)
2003 Laquita Mitchell
(Soprano, USA)
Latonia Moore
(Soprano, USA)
Irina Lungu
(Soprano, Russia)
2002 Burak Bilgili
(Bass, Turkey)
Tatjana Mazurenko
(Soprano, Russia)
Myung Won Han
(Korea, Baritone)
2001 Woo-Kyung Kim
(Tenor, Korea)
(prize was not accepted) Pavel Koudinov
(Bass, Russia)
2000 Matthias Rexroth
(Counter-Tenor, Germany)
Viktoria Vizin
(Mezzo-Soprano, Hungary)
Adrineh Simonian
(Mezzo-Soprano, Austria)
1999 Anna Lorenc
(Soprano, Poland)
Tina Schlenker
(Soprano, Germany)
Caterina Celia Costea
(Soprano, Romania)
Jannie Moolman
(Tenor, South Africa)
1998 Anke Vondung
(Mezzo-Soprano, Germany)
Rachel Harnisch
(Soprano, Switzerland)
Eldar Aliev
(Bass, Azerbaidzhan)
1997 Stuart Skelton
(Tenor, Australia)
Seung-Hyun Jeon
(Bass, Korea)
Barbara Havemann
(Soprano, Netherlands)
1996 Vladimir Atanelishvili
(Baritone, Georgia)
Katharine Goeldner
(Mezzo-Soprano, USA)
Garry Magee
(Baritone, UK)
Andriy Shkurhan
(Baritone, Ukraine)
1995 Marina Mescheriakowa
(Soprano, Russia)
Elisabete Matos
(Soprano, Portugal)
Claudia Mahnke
(Mezzo-Soprano, Germany)
1994 Stanislaw Schwez
(Bass, Russia)
Louise Walsh
(Soprano, Ireland)
Martina Rüping
(Soprano, Germany)
1993 Anna Rita Taliento
(Soprano, Italy)
Luisa Islam-Ali Zade
(Mezzo-Soprano, Russia)
Maxim Michailow
(Bass, Russia)
1992 Detlev Roth
(Baritone, Germany)
Hee-Joon Yang
(Bass, South Korea)
Carmen Paula Oprisanu
(Mezzo-Soprano, Romania)
1991 Adina-Cristina Nitescu
(Soprano, Romania)
Albert Schagidullin
(Baritone, Soviet Union)
Janice Dixon
(Soprano, USA)
Regina Nathan
(Soprano, Ireland)
1990 Woiciech Drabowicz
(Baritone, Poland)
Sedat Öztoprak
(Baritone, Turkey)
Angela Gheorghiu
(Soprano, Romania)
Desmond Byrne
(Tenor, USA)
1989 Peter Edelmann
(Baritone, Austria)
Yong Chin
(Tenor, Malaysia)
Liliana Nichiteanu
(Mezzo-Soprano, Romania)
Egils Silins
(Bass, USSR)
Pietro Daalyiski
(Bass, Bulgaria)
1988 Maria Bayo
(Soprano, Spain)
Richard Pal Fink
(Baritone, USA)
Izabela Labuda
(Soprano, Poland)
1987 Trond Halstein Moe
(Baritone, Norway)
Ana-Felicia Filip
(Soprano, Romania)
Maria Diaconu
(Soprano, Romania)
Carmen Anhorn
(Mezzo-Soprano, Switzerland)
1986 Jolanta Wrozyna
(Soprano, Poland)
Teodor Ciurdea
(Bass, Romania)
Helen Bickers
(Soprano, USA)
Emil Ivanov
(Tenor, Bulgaria)
1985 Carsten Harboe Stabell
(Bass, Norway)
Kathleen Cassello
(Soprano, Italy)
Kwan-Dong Kim
(Baritone, Korea)
Chihiro Bamba
(Soprano, Japan)
1984 Jieyi Zhang
(Tenor, China)
Manhua Zhan
(Mezzo-Soprano, China)
Jacek Strauch
(Baritone, UK)
Mariana Doina Cioromila
(Mezzo-Soprano, Romania)
1983 Harrie Peters
(Bass, Netherlands)
Angela Denning
(Soprano, Australia)
Johann Werner Prein
(Bass-Baritone, Austria)
Anton Scharinger
(Baritone, Österreich)
Ulrike Finder
(Mezzo-Soprano, Austria)
1982 John Hurst
(Tenor, USA)
Berardino Di Domenico
(Tenor, Italy)
Jane Mac Kenzie
(Soprano, Canada)




Arpiné Rahdijan
Arpiné Rahdijan (2002)

Ferdinand von Bothmer
Ferdinand von Bothmer (1998)

Silvana Dussmann
Silvana Dussmann (1989)

Ildikó Raimondi
Ildikó Raimondi (1988)

Prize Winners Operetta

Year First Prize Second Prize Thrid Prize
2005 Janja Vuletic
(Mezzo-Soprano, Croatia)
Kinga Dobay
(Mezzo-Soprano, Germany)
Marianne Gesswagner
(Soprano, Austria)
(no third prize awarded) 
2004 Alice Goulipian
(Soprano, France)
Hila Baggio
(Soprano, Israel)
Daniela Dott
(Soprano, Germany)
2003 (no first prize awarded) Michaela Selinger
(Mezzo-Soprano, Austria)
Irina Samoilova
(Soprano, Russia)
2002 Arpiné Rahdijan
(Soprano, Austria)
Asli Ayan
(Soprano, Turkey)
Maria Lyudko
(Soprano, Russia)
2001 Christiane Kohl
(Soprano, Germany)
Debra Fernandes
(Soprano, USA)
(Soprano, Czech Rep.)
2000 Kristiane Kaiser
(Soprano, Austria)
Julia Vera Kamenik
(Soprano, Austria)
Joulia Arsentieva
(Soprano, Russia)
1999 Dietmar Kerschbaum
(Tenor, Austria)
Gundula Peyerl
(Soprano, Germany)
Dan Chamandy
(Tenor, Canada)
1998 Romana Noack
(Soprano, Germany)
Ferdinand von Bothmer
(Tenor, Germany)
1997 (no first prize awarded) Angela Kronberger
(Soprano, Austria)
1996 Marie Devellereau
(Soprano, France)
Petra Chiba
(Soprano, Austria)
Olatz Saitua-Irbar
(Soprano, Austria)
1995 Gerhard Siegel
(Tenor, Germany)
1994 Sally Du Randt
(Soprano, South Africa)
1993 Althea Maria Papulias
(Soprano, Greece)
1992 Laura Claycomb
(Soprano, USA)
1991 (no prize awarded)
1990 Simina Badea
(Soprano, Romania)
1989 Silvana Dussmann
(Soprano, Austria)
1988 Ildikó Raimondi-Szabo
(Soprano, Italy/Hungary)